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This body of work explores how my mind views the world through art. I have a disability that makes it hard for me to explain my thoughts into words but allows me to see the world in a different light that can be explained just by looking at the pieces. Each piece is a spread in my sketchbook using an assortment of mediums, a few include alcohol markers, fine liners, washes of watercolor, and colored pencils.


Most of these pieces were done either wanting to study a certain subject, like drawing animals like my dog, Barbie, or waiting on time to pass by, like waiting on people to submit their artwork for a student juried art show during my internship. There is no decisive style but an overarching sense of the daily saga of an artist trying to hone their skills.

-Rochelle Warnock



Sketchbook Page 1, 2020

Markers, ink, pen 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 2, 2020

Markers, ink, pen 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 3, 2020

Markers, pencil, pen 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 4, 2020


8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 5, 2020

Markers, collage, pen 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 6, 2020

Markers, pen 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 7, 2020

Markers, colored pencil, pen 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 8, 2020

Colored pencil, ink, watercolor 

8.25" x 10"



Sketchbook Page 9, 2020

Markers, ink, pen 

8.25" x 10"

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