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Sculpture is a go to when all else fails. I’m in control of my ideas, which is what I  love about it all. I don't base my work with themes, whatever comes to mind first hand is what is chosen to be brought to life. Some have meaning, but mostly everything is random.


When you interpret my work, you may wonder what my purpose is. Some pieces are straightforward, while others are misleading. The biggest influence of mine is surrealism, and of course, my  imagination. Surrealism is greatly appreciated, because it makes my work acceptable. Surrealism such as Judy Chicago’s work would be where a lot on inspiration comes from. I use clay, cardboard, wire, mostly any medium that can be manipulated. If something doesn’t go as planned, I will redo until I feel comfortable with my work. I tend to look at objects thinking how I can take them apart and put them back together. 


Creating more pieces that speak to surrealism is what I strive for. Majority of the time I’m creating work, I don't have a specific theme I’m looking after, I randomly make things. When the time comes to brainstorm and think an actual idea, I don't. I create many pieces that don’t have a connection to each other, and it will always remain that way.

- Makayla Hall



Sculpture 1, 2020

Cardboard, acrylic

52" x 28" x 32"




Sculpture 2, 2020

Wood, acrylic, wire

26" x 12" x 4"




Sculpture 3, 2020


16" x 24" x 14"


Makayla sunflowers.jpg


Sculpture 4, 2020

Mixed Media

15" x 30" x 10"


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