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My art is totally derived from the way I interpret the world around me. I take real life quirks, shapes, and features that I admire and focus on warping them in ways I find to be super appealing or interesting. I often subconsciously take in aspects from people whether it be little things about a person’s appearance or the actions of a person and warp those characteristics into my own wonky creations.

The world of distortion and exaggerated beauty is very important to me. When you take a type of physicality or structure and pull it apart to an extreme whether it be people, animals or objects, I find that you often really learn something about it. I find that the more I pick apart an aspect of something the more I understand how to draw it and the more fun I have pushing it even further in the future.


- Liam Williams



Coco, 2020

Markers, paint markers, colored pencil 

9" x 12"



Mister, 2020

Paint markers, colored pencil, pen 

5.5" x 8.5"  



Lipstuck, 2020

Sharpie markers, pen

4.5" x 6.5"



Gooey Faceeeeee, 2020

Markers, pen

9" x 12"



Valentimes, 2020

Paint markers, markers, pen

9" x 12"

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