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Introduction to


Welcome to a helpful guide to the exhibition entry site, Call For Entry! This user friendly website lets you create your own virtual portfolio and apply to exhibitions. This page will guide you step-by-step through the sign up and exhibition submission process.


This is where you'll enter basic information about yourself and create a username for the website. If you work for or have your own business/studio, you can also include that here.


Next, enter your address.


Lastly, enter your contact information. It is important that this information is correct if the exhibitions or shows you apply to need to contact you in any way.


Before creating your portfolio, the website also has you select your artistic discipline(s). You can select as many as you want, whichever category you see fits your work best.


Add up to 100 of your own pieces! This lets you keep a wide variety of work depending on the types of shows you would like to enter.

This page also lets you choose if any of your work is for sale or currently on display.


Here you can apply for as many shows as your heart desires! This page lets you filter by multiple factors; call type, eligibility, entry fee, projects budget, deadline month, and location.


Simply a calendar view of all the month's deadlines of shows and exhibitions.


If you have registered for any shows, this is where you'll finalize your application(s)!

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