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My creative work focuses on painting in a combination of oil and acrylic. After an experience with recovery and art therapy, I began painting as a healing process. Thus, I create with the intent to express emotion, explore the mind, heal, and connect. I’m deeply influenced by the healing arts, nature, psychology, yoga, eastern philosophies/belief systems, music – and all of the creative arts.


I explore chaos vs control in brushwork, thoughtful placement of color and imagery, and delve into an immersive painting process. My works invoke a sense of introspection and connection to the intuitive, emotional, and psychological realms. I feel a great sense of playfulness and joy paired with deeper reflection when viewing these pieces.


- Elissa Inman


Positive Vibe, 2018

Oil on canvas

36" x 48"



Aligning, 2019

Acrylic on canvas

48” x 24”



Mind's Eye, 2019

Oil on canvas

22" x 18"




Oil on canvas

28" x 22"


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